Senior Lecturers

Gary JohannesGary Johannes
DHP HPD MNCH (Reg.) AfSFH (Reg) SFH Sup (Hyp)

One of 9 children, aged 14, my Mum told me I needed money more than I needed to understand trigonometry or recite the chemical code for tin at the drop of a hat and to ‘go out there and be successful’, so that’s exactly what I did. At the age of 16 I joined the Royal Air Force and spent 6 years learning self-discipline and hard work, when I left the RAF I spent years in sales leaning the psychology of what makes people buy some things and not others…

I always had a thing with live music and events so in the mid 90’s I got into the entertainment and food industry. I owned and managed bars, nightclubs, restaurants and a coffee shop. The hours were long, the pace was fast and the money was mostly good. Although I pushed myself to the max and made what others would term a success of my life, I always felt inadequate around people who’d completed their education. It got me into trouble once or twice, but mostly it was just hugely limiting. There were so many things I wouldn’t try, didn’t want to do and places I wouldn’t go, I seriously hindered my own professional success. I was like a balloon trying to fly high on a very short string. Until one day I joined a local networking group and met a clinical hypnotherapist. She became my colleague, my friend and my mentor, she gave me my first ever clinical hypnotherapy sessions. I’m not sure if she changed or if she saved my life, but I suspect it was the latter.

There are so many words I could use, like transformation and life changing, that merely hint at the tip of the iceberg to what happened to me. My string was immediately and forever lengthened and my balloon could finally fly high with the eagles. I made a decision there and then to study the brain and went on to not only train as a clinical hypnotherapist, but I now teach clinical hypnotherapy too.

Whatever your circumstances, issues or current emotions, if your life feels out of control or – like me – your string is too short, get in touch. Now! You never know. You might be so impressed with your own personal results, that you come and train to be a clinical hypnotherapist too.

My courses run from Nottingham, Peterborough, Birmingham, St Albans, Essex and Kent and rank among the best in the country.

Ali Hollands

Ali Hollands, of Inspired To Change Maidstone, is a highly qualified and award winning clinical hypnotherapist with a passion for helping people overcome anxiety and out perform their limits. She originally qualified in 2011 with a diploma in hypnotherapy with counselling skills, adding NLP, the nationally recognised HPD and several issue specific training over the next few years.

In 2015 she completed her third hypnotherapy diploma in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and now uses this model of therapy almost exclusively, because she says “It gives the best, most robust and long lasting results and my clients find the process fascinating, motivating and energising.” As well as running her clinic from Prohealth Therapy Rooms Ali lectures in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy CPHT Kent.

“What I love about being in practice is the difference I make, not only to the people who see me, but to the people around them – the ripple effect with everyone who spends time with the new, happier version of them.  For me teaching is an extension of that; if I can teach people how to do what I do then even more people can be helped and that’s what motivates me.”

When she’s not helping people in life and in business she loves open water swimming, climbing, caïpirinhas, loud music, dancing, laughing, geeky stuff about the brain, her kids, her two shih tzu cross dogs and her very needy cats!

Her courses run from St Albans, Kent and Essex and guest lectures at Peterborough, Birmingham and Nottingham as well as running specific marketing modules for other CPHT schools.



Claire Noyelle 


Claire is a mother of 3 children all currently at University (one in the US on a Football (soccer) Scholarship and lives near Maidstone in Kent.

Claire says, I had been working in community pharmacy as a pharmacist for 25 years, with a particular interest in substance abuse and mental health.

On the recommendation of a friend, I read the popular self help book “The Chimp Paradox” & was fascinated with its explanation of our primitive brain as the source of much of our inappropriate responses. The same week, I met Inspired to Change therapist, Ali Hollands at a presentation and after some conversation about that book and my background, she suggested I might enjoy training to become a hypnotherapist. The modern, science-backed course really appealed, as did the prospect of being able to better support my patients.

After I had completed the course, I enjoyed working as a hypnotherapist so much I left my full time job as a pharmacist to run my own clinic from home as part of Inspired to Change!