What You’ll Find Out At A Hypnotherapy Training Open Evening


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world ~ Nelson Mandela

When looking for the hypnotherapy training that’s best for you, after checking out the website and reading the reviews the most logical step is to meet your hypnotherapy training lecturers at an open evening or open day event.

This gives you the chance to meet the people training you, check out your training environment and most importantly, get all your questioned answered so you can make the best choice for your hypnotherapy training.

CPHT offer several open evening dates for our potential hypnotherapy students to come along, meet us and find out what makes CPHT the fastest growing hypnotherapy training provider in the UK.

We run them in the evening because our students, who are often career changers or returners, have found this is the easiest time for you to come along.

CPHT Hypnotherapy Training open evening events are informal, in a Q & A style, because, we’ve found this style has given our hypnotherapy students the best opportunity to get the information you need to make the right decision for you.

What you can expect at one of our Hypnotherapy Training Open Evenings:

  • Meet both your lecturers
  • See your teaching room and the venue
  • Have access to more information about the course and your future career
  • An informal and welcoming environment
  • Ample opportunity to ask questions
  • Get expert and open responses about every aspect of your training and future career
  • Access to two successful practitioners who run busy practices and tell it like it is
  • Two very passionate people who want to help you make the right choice for you

What you won’t get at one of our hypnotherapy training open evenings

  • Hard Sell – that’s just icky and we don’t do icky.
  • Formal interviews – it isn’t a job interview and your life experience is probably the most important aspect of your skill as a future therapist. We want to meet the real you.
  • Boring presentations – because we want to deliver what you want to know about
  • Therapists who don’t practice, who don’t understand the real world of hypnotherapy today. Hypnotherapy is the fastest growing profession in the UK and we believe that no student should ever be taught by someone who doesn’t practice and understand what it takes to be a successful hypnotherapist.

What you’ll leave with at the end of a CPHT hypnotherapy training open evening

  • Clarity – you’ll know if this is the course for you
  • Simple Next Steps – we give you everything you need and follow up with an email in case you don’t remember everything
  • Confidence – that you’ll be getting the most science based, practical training in hypnotherapy in the UK, delivered by successful and skilled lecturers and therapists.

We don’t currently have any open evenings booked, but if you’ve been inspired by this, why not take charge of your future too and apply to be on our next course.  Training is over 10 months and you’ll be working towards the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (HPD), the only nationally recognised and independently assessed hypnotherapy qualification in the UK.  Click here to apply now

This blog was written by Ali Hollands.  She is a multi-award winning clinical hypnotherapist with Inspired To Change in Maidstone.  Ali gained her first hypnotherapy diploma in 2012 and extended her training with a diploma in in 2015 with Gary Johannes, head of CPHT Peterborough, Kent, Northampton and Birmingham.

Ali is a practicing Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and lecturer for CPHT Kent. As well as this she runs a business masterminding group for small business owners and is writing a book about how to set up in business and in practice, for newly hypnotherapists.  Ali’s passion is in improving performance and enjoyment of life, for her clients and students.  Ali believes that life and work should be fun and fascinating and you can follow Ali on Instagram  and Facebook



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